Some Great Places to visit that we have Designed in Second Life

Weltenville Welcome

Weltenville City and Stock Yards Rental

Weltenville Vampire and Dark Game Vendor

Weltenville Welcome to The Orientation Center

Setites MC NorTon Johns Biker Bar

Maelstrom Curio Shop Curios, Decor, Art Prints and Plants

Christmas Skate Rink and Holiday Market

Salsa Beach at Setites Pirates Cove

BDSMNews at Biker Parties Rail Station

Weltenville Setites Movie House:

Bonneville Salt Flats Riding Area

CBS USA Full Service SL Consulting CO.

Yume Decor, Japanese Furnishings

Biker Parties Bar and Railroad Station

Setites Clan Castle All Are Welcome!!!

Mermaid Inn at Pier Side Yacht Club

Weltenville Role Play Area

Weltenville Stock Yards Breedables Sales

Daemons Vampire Club

The Dungeon At Biker Parties Nude Beach